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Analyze this! Part I

#RKHstrategy #Rounders1

Rounders is probably the best-liked poker movie of all time and part of the 'initiation' of every ambitious poker beginner and fan.

The final hand between Teddy KGB and Mike McDermott comes up time and again in poker forums and groups so let's uphold the tradition and bring it into the RankingHero spotlight in our turn :)


Hand summary after Mike's 2BB bet of $200 and KGB's call pre-flop:

Flop: .6♦7♠10♥ Pot $400

Mike checks. KGB bets $2,000. Mike calls.

Turn: 2♣ Pot $4,400

Mike checks. KGB bets $4,400. Mike calls.

River: A♠ Pot $13,200

Mike checks. KGB moves all-in. Mike calls.


First topic of discussion: SWOT analysis of Mike's play

Was Mike right or wrong to check on all streets? What was he representing? What could have gone wrong? Analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats from Mike's 'side of the table'!


Share your thoughts in a post with the hashtags

 #RKHstrategy and #Rounders1 

and impress the RKH team and community with your reasoning and/or funny

comments to get 5 to 20 points for your entry!




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