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About Johnny Moss


Johnny Moss was one of the original six players inducted into the poker hall of fame. This honour came in 1979, the same year as he won his fifth of what would become seven World Series of Poker Championships. (He was also awarded the 1970 championship title after a vote amongst his peers, and received a silver cup, although opinion is split as to whether this should count as a title win.)

As a rounder, Moss won money (fairly) everywhere he went. At the time the game was littered with cheaters but Moss knew the signs to look for and how to look after himself. In one game he realised that his cards were being spied on and the information was being relayed to a player at the table; Moss always carried a gun with him and he casually pulled this pistol out and shot the cheater in the arse before continuing with the game.

His biggest moment of fame came in 1949. Moss was playing at the top of his game and he was seen as one of the best players in the country. Benny Binion set up a marathon match between Moss and Nick “the Greek” Dandolos, another of the world’s top players and another of the first entrants into the hall of fame. After five months of poker play, Moss had won millions of dollars from the European. It was at the end of this game that Nick uttered the immortal line, “Mr Moss, I have to let you go.”

Moss loved the game and played as much as he could. In 1988, at the age of 81, he won his final bracelet but he continued to play for seven years. He eventually gave up when a stroke deprived him of the use of his hands and then on 16 December 1995 heart failure signalled the end for this true great.

-by Oliver Gaywood

Written by Ina Rkh
Last update: 21/04/2015

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Poker Hall Of Fame,
in Jan 1979
1970, 1971 (2), 1974, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1981, 1988,
since Jan 1970

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Rank: 1 / 16
Event 6: $10000 NLHE Championship
May 11, 1974
Tournament Results
Event 10: $1500 Limit Ace to Five Draw
19th Annual World Series of Poker 1988
May 14, 1988


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Event 12: $10000 NLHE World Championship -
11th Annual World Series of Poker 1980
May 17, 1980


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