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The 'best' or the 'worst' bluff of the century?


It's often referred to as the best bluff of all time but Sammy Farha himself has called it 'the worst bluff of the century'. He had apparently foreseen it but the stress and fatigue made him change his game plan and he folded, letting Chris Moneymaker make history...

Sammy Farha:

You should follow your instinct. I did not follow my instinct. When you take a long time, you lose your instinct. And that’s what happened.

My plan went perfectly. I said he’s gonna go all-in, he went all-in on the river, he missed his draw. But I changed my plan.

Let me tell you, it was the worst bluff of the year, but it worked out for one reason: I bluffed myself out. The reason I lost is because I underestimated my opponent. I didn’t care at the end, I was so tired. I couldn’t focus.

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Chris Moneymaker: The story behind the greatest bluff of all time - PokerPlayerIn this extract from Eric Raskin’s new book The Moneymaker Effect, we go behind the scenes and talk to those involved in the most important hand in poker historywww.pokerplayer365.com

If Farha admits to 'bluffing himself out', could he be our Goldfish?.. :)