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Hi All,
I am new to the online forum /blog scene so forgive me if i get this wrong. I want to get the opinion of some of the members in order to improve the service i offer.
I have been involved in poker for almost 20 years, i set up one of the first poker leagues in the UK back in 2003 in pubs and clubs and really enjoyed the social aspect it offered, a chance to get out from my 6 kids and hectic home life for a little break lol and also meet new people and help them improve their own games.
Fast forward to 2013 and i set up a website My Poker Pal , a kind of Facebook but just for poker. My Facebook friends were get tired of my statuses relating to poker all the time so i began looking into the options available.I found quite a few communities out there but most were just crammed with affiliate type links to online poker rooms. We wanted to do something different and make a site for the player to enjoy so we have invested a lot of time and money into making the site successful but we still want to know if there is anything we can improve on. We have an APP in development and and a few other exciting products due for launch which will be of great benefit to poker players across the world. 
But we want your view and things you would like, for instance we was told a game locator would be great so you can find a game no matter where you are, be it a pub or club game to casinos and major events etc.
So my next step was to sign up to this forum and get the opinion of people involved in poker.
The site is doing great and we get over 40,000 visitors each month, we have a great poker video library and are getting a few people now posting blogs on the site and with your help we hope to make the site one of the best global poker communities on the web. Everything is free and we are a very friendly bunch, so all your input would be most welcome.
As far as my first blog i hope it wasn't to long winded and was an interesting read.
thanks for taking time to read, i look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Link added by request:

You certainly found the right place and we're happy to see you here on RankingHero :) You're most welcome to share articles, info and links! 

Annie, many thanks. you came highly reccomnded and i am sure it will be great for my poker pal to have a presence on the site. look forward to discovering how it works. also can you send me soem information on advertising with you.