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Weekly RankingHero Highlights

RankingHero members have been busy giving winner interviews and making travel plans to Malta this week, with the fun contest to win a fantastic prize package which includes the buy-in to the @Malta Poker Championship Main Event, hotel accomodation, and airfare! You've got until October 26 to enter and get likes from the members of the community. Good luck to all the entrants!

Winner photo collage by @twenyOone :) For more inspiration, also see the entries of @Vincent Dupuy @Rayan @Michel Pons @ Buffledoux and @janluk1554 ! 

We've added some great #PokerHand videos to our collection and invite you to share your own favorites! Don't miss the hand that 2014 November Niner and foosball world champion @William Pappaconstantinou called "pretty much the biggest moment of my life"!

@Liv Boeree was one of several EPT champions playing (and cashing!) in London this week - check out her interview and find out more about her passions and interests outside poker! 

Congratulations to all of the members who cashed in live events all over the world - starting with @nakk who played (and won!) his first ever tournament in a casino; @Ilan Boujenah@Mustafa Ali @William Watchman @Pierre Antoine and many, many others! @Domino2012 on the other hand has been frustrated in poker lately but has an even better occasion for celebration - the birth of his daughter Amelia :)

Welcome to all the new members who joined us in the past week - @David Cromwell @Karib @Victor Chong @Michael Benhammouda @Maurizio Pili to mention a few! 

Special thanks to everyone sharing links, news, photos, and poker highs and lows on RankingHero, and to all our followers on Facebook and on Twitter!

Yours truly,

@Annie RKH 


Thanks for the mention!

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