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BoM2015: Sunday 23:15

Play has just closed on the main event with 10 players remaining. 

They will all return tomorrow at 2pm to conclude this epic tournament.

There is a lady amongst the finalists, Anne Meri. She will be coming to the battle as the short stack, but given that Pokerlisting's Dirk told me that the field included less than 5% female players, seeing one on the final at all is over representation!

Here's the FT players list and chip counts:

Uri Gilboa: 8 520 000

Henrik Jacobsen: 6 640 00

Dimitar Alexandrov: 6 410 000

Guiseppe Grimaldi: 6 350 000

Hendrik Koops: 5 370 000

Carlo van Ravenswoud: 3 700 000

Anders Gran Kvam: 3 070 000

Paolo Palmieri: 2 520 000

Nicolas Proust: 1 860 000

Anne Meri: 735 000


I'll be here to watch the final tomorrow, and post some interesting hands.

If you are wondering why I haven't posted today, it's because the VIP player party was last night and I have spent the day, curled up in a ball in the hotel steam room, nursing an evil hangover. I'll do a party post with some photos and stuff in a bit.