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BoM 2015: 16:00

Interesting bit of controversy on Table006, I've come across this rule and associated controversy before.

Four players in the hand on the turn, 1st to act checks, 2nd to act cold folds, and the dealer tells him he should not. The poor old dealer then gets loads of stick.

"Why can't we do it?"
"Can you do it online, yes or no?"

The dealer did say something that is guaranteed to rile up poker players:
"You can do it, but you should not, and I think you will get penalty."
Poor some fuel on the fire, why don't you?

I'll say the same as I say to all dealers, and do when I'm dealing, if the players are whining, get the TD, don't bother arguing with them.

I asked the dealer for clarification on the specific rule on this for this tournament, as rules are not, whatever players think, uniform around the world. He repeated "he can but he shouldn't", which is definitely not a rule!

I hunted down Elio Capuccio who is the James Bond Baddy looking TD for BoM.
He clearly stated that it is not allowed here, and asked me why any player would even want to do this!
I had to tell him I did not know...

Would you do that, cold fold a hand to no action? Why? What sort of circumstances would make it sensible?


Elio Capuccio

Ahah Nice pic !!!

He's such a lovely guy, and he really knows his stuff!
I told him that he looked like a James Bond Baddy, and he told me he has been an extra in a James Bond movie! He's a movie star TD!!