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BoM2015: Thursday 12:30

I got to to the casino super early, obviously, I'm very overexcited!

I met Maria from Betsafe and she kitted me out with a load of goodies and a proper poker hoodie; can't wait to wear that at my normal £25 games in Manchester, it's too hot for it here!

I managed to convince security to let me into the casino without a Press pass, it's amazing what blonde hair can do in an olive skinned country!

I am patched up and ready for action. It's a 25k stack, blinds start at 25/50, so the plan for the first few levels is to keep calm and suss out the action.

I'll do my best to post a few bits of action, but I'm playing up so far, I need to concentrate. Wish me luck; shuffle up and SQUEAL!!


Really nice pic and post, thanks for the update ;)

Cheers! Nearly go time, feeling good, but I'm still off to have a cigarette, because the smoking terrace is amazing!