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Up-and-Rising Women in Poker: Angela Jordison with 3 Wins in 3 Days

Angela Jordison made the news this week with a feat that captures the imagination of poker amateurs and commands respect even from top live tournament pros: in three days she won the first three events in the 2015 Spring Poker Round Up  at the @Wildhorse Resort & Casino!

While I was winning these tournaments, I didn’t realize the magnitude of what was happening. I was so focused on trying to beat fatigue and keep going that it didn’t all hit me until I got home.

I have learned over the years that poker can be so consuming that it can take over all parts of your life. I’ve learned balance, and even though I’m thrilled over my wins, I don’t want that to change.

This summer, Oregon mom Angela Jordison will be seeing her daughter off to college. Maybe she will consider taking her to Vegas where she plans to play the Colossus in the 2015 World Series. We send Angela our very best wishes and admiration for her effots to keep up the balance she wants in her life!

Meanwhile, you can read more on CardsChat

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Angela Jordison Speaks to CardsChat After Entering Poker Folklore with Trio of Wins: Exclusive InterviewTournament grinder Angela Jordison earned a place in poker history after winning three MTTs in a row and spoke exclusively with CardsChat.www.cardschat.com

published by @Annie RKH, April 16, 2015