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2014 November Niner Bruno Politano Bio and Poker Profile

The first-ever Brazilian November Niner, @Bruno Politano, or Bruno Foster as he is popularly known,  comes from the state of Ceara, Brazil, and was born on October 15, 1982.

He has been playing poker for 12 years but until this summer never thought of himself as a professional poker player. He is in fact a businessman, has a Couro&Cia franchise (leather shoes&accessories brand) in a shopping mall in Sao Paolo and always considered poker his hobby.

Final tabling the 2014  WSOP Main Event is changing much of that. Bruno's focus will be shifting to poker. All the more that he has just signed on as the new Team 888poker ambassador. Fortunately, he has an understanding business partner and will not give up his company.He is thankful poker allows him to keep and even further expand his business.

Over the years, Bruno 'Foster' Politano has played many events in the Latin American Poker Tour and the Brazilian Series of Poker but his biggest live tournament achievement was a third place finish for $47,493 in 2013 BSOP Grand Final.

This summer Bruno came to Vegas for his second Series. He has a small cash from 2011 and in 2014 scored two ITM finishes in Event 58 and Event 39 before his deep run in the Main Event. 

Bruno Foster reta final 3k NLH WSOP 2014

What everyone will remember about Bruno Politano's Main Event run is his devoted and loud rail and the carnival atmosphere they created.  His success in poker's most prestigious event came right at the time when Brazilians were crushed and heart-broken by their defeat in the FIFA Worldcup and the fans were all the more excited and overjoyed by Foster's performance. In turn he was energized and motivated by their phenomenal support and expects a far bigger and equally enthusiastic Brazilian crowd in November.

"It’s not my dream come true, it’s my country’s dream come true!.."

On The Rail: It's Like Carnival In Bruno Politano's Rail


"My focus now is play, play, play, study, study, study."

In the time left until the final table, Bruno plans to play a few live events, work with his coach @Ariel Bahia and study closely all of his opponents, among whom he has singled out @Mark Newhouse as the toughest. Bruno Politano believes physical fitness is essential for mental focus and endurance so he will be watching his diet and spending a lot of time in the gym, as well. 


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Very nice article Annie... good to know more about this interesting profile !