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Meet the Aspers Castle mission winner!

Thanks to his 83 likes, he won a £500 package! It includes £300 cash, a special dinner, and the buy-in to the £25,000 guaranteed Christmas Cracker tournament, taking place at @Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City  (on 19th of December).
Meet @Mark Duguid, who likes to do exactly what he wants to! 

Who are you ?

Mark: My name is Mark Duguid. I am 26 years old

How did you discover RKH and what is your impression so far?

Mark: I saw a post regarding to the site on Aces High Poker Group main page. I would take a look and see what it was about. I was very impressed to see that you can attach your live earnings to your profile and that you have competitions running on a regular basis. It seems to be a mixture between Twitter and Facebook for poker players. It suits me as I enjoy most things to do with social media.

You had a lot of support for #AspersCastle, how did you do it?

Mark: I got 83 likes overall which gave me the win by a big margin. It does help when you have a big poker community that supports you. Groups are great to be a part of and get behind you when you’re needing help. I have them and friends to thank for this trip.

Can you tell us more about your social group?

Mark: The group was founded by 2 great friends of mine ( @john thomson and @William ). It consists of many players that start from novice all the way up to professionals. Basically it is a place where you can seek advice on how to play or not to play a hand. Somewhere you can speak about poker to others that know about it. A place where you can gather support to watch you whilst taking part in tournaments or get a rail if you happen to run deep in a tournament. Most of all it’s a great community that can have fun and enjoy the game..

Is poker a big part of your life?

Mark: Yes, indeed. There are 3 main things In my life and that is family, work and poker.



The winning photo


What motivates you to play?

Mark: Great question but the answer is very simple. To be the best and know that you outlasted every other player that entered the tournament. The money is nice too but I just like to take part in poker games as I have a very competitive side.

Have you had any problems with family, work, friends or girlfriends because of poker?

Mark: None at all as I do not let it interfere with these things. Mainly because I like to do what I want and when I want. If I had the choice between a poker tournament and a night cuddled up on the sofa with my girlfriend 99% of the time the felt will win. To save arguments I simply don’t have a girlfriend so then I will never face that problem.

What do you like about the poker lifestyle?

Mark: It would be nice to be financially secure and have the time to do as I please. There is a lot of hard work required to have such a lifestyle. You have to remember you can only have that kind of lifestyle if you work very hard to get it. Unless you win the lottery.

What’s your biggest dream connected to poker?

Mark: I would like to compete against the best in the world. Everyone’s ambition is to play and win the WSOP Main Event.



Very nice, thanks Mark & @Ina RKH 

gl in Aspers

good for the winner

marks off to a flyer upto 46 k and playing well teamKGB