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New Challenge for Ranking Heroes!

It’s been a long time since we talked strategy on RankingHero and we’d like to start a discussion on a very famous hand featuring a flopped straight. Starting this Thursday, we’ll be asking a series of questions about it but first we challenge you to identify it!


If you don’t recognize the hand, perhaps you can venture a guess whether it is old or recent, real or fictional, from a major live tournament or a cash game? Stay tuned for our clues!

If you DO know the hand, please feel free to suggest topics of discussion that you think would be interesting for the community. Send a private message to @Ina Rkh or @Annie RKH with your proposed question about the hand!

Post your answers in the comments section below or in a separate post with the hashtag #RKHstrategy

Scoring for this question:

Every answer gets 1 point!

Every correct answer gets 5 points!

Every suggested topic of discussion/question about the hand gets 5 points!

Don’t forget the RKH team has a special surprise in store for you (to be revealed after the end of this mission) so make sure you join in today and start scoring those points ;)

was so waiting for that!

so we can't really add our guess bout the hand in a comment?

Sure you can, Bryan! And if you post on your page, don't forget to use the hashtag #RKHstrategy :)

Hey! Its the Final Hand From Rounders! "That Ace could not have helped you" That Mother F***** Trapped me!

Teddy KGB vs Mike McDermott! #RKHstrategy

Nice one, looks like fun!

the final hand from rounders