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How well do you know your PCA? GGPCA Mission Results!

It all started with some 200 players on a luxury cruise ship in 2004.  After ‘settling down’ on the happily named Paradise Island and @Atlantis Casino, the PokerStars Carribbean Adventure soon became one of the most popular and prestigious stops on the EPT circuit and has distributed more than $220 million in payouts. With such star-studded fields and big prize pools, it is no wonder that the PCA is exciting to watch even from the sidelines and from thousands of miles away! 

The 2016 PCA Main Event champion has been crowned: Canadian pro @Mike Watson bested a field of 928 and won the last, 215th hand at the final table with an assuming starting hand of 7♥4♠, which went all the way to a flush on the river! 

Thanks to all the participants in the #GGPCA Mission and congrats to the overall winner, DecoGTX (who also came closest to guessing the exact number of entries and hands played at the FT)!!!


@DecoGTX                         60 pts

@Advoghado                       57 pts

@Santo Abate                     43 pts

@a-wanna-be                      35 pts

@Queen B                           24 pts

@Papa of Poker                  23 pts

@Emty                                 17 pts

@Donatas                            16 pts

@Beezy 1212                      16 pts

@Jill 22                                16 pts

Special mentions to @NickPoker96 @Ina Rkh @Pokerfisk @PatrickKen @Farcas Paul @DupryRoss @Startling Grope @PokerPicasso and @Markus Grand


Well-done everyone :) You are all in the run for a special surprise from the RKH, team to be revealed after our next mission!!!


And here are the questions and correct answers in our Guessing Game:


How many entrants are there going to be in the PCA Main Event?


Will there be a female poker player at the Main Event final table?


Will the Main Event winner be an amateur or a pro?


How many hands will be played at the Main Event final table?


Which is your favorite poker hand? Do you think it will be the winning final hand?


wow for once I got a special mention 
Just kidding! GG guys, was a great time! Now..

GG guys

was nice indeed

Well done all