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Hello & happy holidays!


Another big change in the engine on the site, regarding the text editor this time. It got the same functionnalities, but with a few bugs less :)

Bien joué, Laurent Gomez ! En terminant 14e du 26th of septembre rebuy durant le festival Season 2 - 2015-2016 - MonaLisa Fest ! qui s’est déroulé au Mona Lisa club le 26 Sept. 2015, vous avez augmenté vos gains cumulés de 2 Points !
Jetez un coup d’oeil à votre courbe de progression et continuez comme ça !

Site updated... Numerous fixes in many places.

Can you be more vague

Y'a des goodies à gagner si on trouve les corrections effectuées ? 


Widgets exports now have a tracker field. Create your tracker then use it in the export.

You'll have in your user panel a stats tab to see the members you've created with your trackers !

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Popup to edit social networks ("Ajouter réseaux sociaux") fixed.

We still can't add facebook profiles thought (we can for pages). It's because of new restrictions from FB. We'll see what we can do.

By the way it's fixed: you give your data the usual way, and we add it manually in the next 24h.

So much free service, whaaa

Big update: many libs that the site downloads (js, css) are now in a domain that gives more cache information. This should make the whole page loads a little faster.
And maybe it also broke things. So far, it looks ok.


(seen: small bug in text editor, with firefox, icons are changed)

Text editor icons bug fixed.

Oh, by the way...

Design buttons uniformisation

Most buttons fixed (no icon appearing on hover, or icon all the time). Some size of buttons fixed... But some size problems are still here and will be fixed soon.

Félicitations Laurent Gomez pour avoir terminé 10e et gagné $10 lors du tournoi 18th of april rebuy !
GG !

Félicitations Laurent Gomez pour avoir terminé 1er et gagné 100 Points lors du tournoi RKH HomeGame W7 2015 !
GG !

Auto-login dans les mails de notification mis en place.

Meilleure gestion de vos options de notifications, plus simple, plus direct !

Cool !!!