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Christmas Cracker!

Hey All,

So I won a Last man standing into the christmas cracker at my local casino. The buyin was £110 and £20k Gtd! The Tourne Attracted 613 Runners which created a massive prizepool!

I Ended up playing the last Day1. 

And Bagging up 207,425 chips! Which made me 3rd in chips from 160 players to return for day 2!


So, I Got a really nice table draw for day 2! I Cruised my way through the early stages of Day 2 Picking up aces and getting it in preflop against A6 and holding and some other good spots like Queens vs pocket 2s all in pre.

Coming upto the bubble i had 550,000 Chips! Massive! the Average was only 250k!

I Managed to Navigate my way to the final table! Sat with 1.3M With an average of 1.4M :P

We Played 9 Handed for almost 4 levels of 35 minutes, I managed to get a Double up with Kings all in preflop. When 9th bust, the stacks were all fairly even.

A Deal was then discussed! We Ended up changing the Prize pool so that everyone got at least £4000! 3rd Place got £6,000 2nd got £8,000 and 1st got just over £10k!

I managed to get into the chiplead with 7 left! 

But i lost a few flips and it wasn't too be! I took home 5th place and a massive £4,000 from my £5 LMS Entry! 

It was such a fun tourne to play and the money really helps :P ^_^

Hopefully can get another sizable bink in the future! 

Awesome, congrats man!