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Multi-Millionaire Businessman and High-Stakes Poker Player Paul Phua: "I'm a gambler and I'm a risk taker"

The Macau Big Game has long captured the imagination of poker fans all over the world and @Paul Phua is one of the iconic figures of the Macau high-stakes scene. In an exclusive interview for PokerNews he talks about the allegations that he is the world's biggest bookie and a Triad member, as well as about his passion for poker!

EPT Monte Carlo 2014, €100,000 Super High Roller



"I'm just an investor, I'm a gambler, and I'm a risk taker, but I'm not an operator. I have invested in a lot of businesses, including online gambling businesses, in the past. But for the past seven or eight years, for me, it has been all about poker, family, and lot of real estate property investments."

Read the full interview on PokerNews:

Paul Phua Tells All: "I Am Not What the Media Alleges Me To Be"In his first-ever public interview, Paul Phua opens up about allegations he is the world's biggest bookie, a high-ranking member of the 14k Triads, and poker's largest

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Macau Big Game Millionaire Paul Phua Arrested in Vegas - Ranking HeroFor many years @Paul Phua has been a familiar name to poker fans as one of the few non-anonymous businessmen among the regulars in the mythical Macau Big Game. In fact, he is often referred to as the key figure behind those mind-boggling cash games where a few, select pros are invited to play with a group of Asian millionaires and poker


The Macau Big Game - Ranking HeroJudging by the massive, more than 200-pages long thread on twoplustwo and the number of retweets and articles on Tom Hall's recent interview with PokerNews Chad Halloway,  the Macau high-stakes cash games are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, envy, resentment, admiration, rumors, and gossip in the poker

And a funny video that some of you may remember from our Goldfish Awards:)