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RankingHeroes Playing for BPT Lille Buy-In and Having Fun with Poker Player Rankings!

Once again, the RankingHero community is involved in a fun contest and the prize is just right for the poker maniacs that we all are - a  €570 buy-in to the @Barriere Poker Tour Lille in September! This time entrants are asked to come up with a Top 10 list of players (using the functionalities in place to export and publish their list) and to invite all members of the community to vote by liking their submissions on the #M6BPT page!

You can check out the busy hashtag page yourself (once there, switch your language settings to Francais or you won't see the posts by our French-speaking members!). Today I would like to share some of my personal favorites in this summer's Mission 6:

Number 1 @Pvbart and his Best Poker Hats ranking (note the author himself at number 10 :) Pvbart's Top 10 led to an inspired twitter exchange about other worthy candidates and I will soon follow up with a special 'poker headwear fashion' article :)


Number 2 @Olivier Thiry and Women and Men Working in the Shadow. Behind every great tournament player there's an army of tournament directors, floor managers, dealers, and poker association activists and it is their efforts that Olivier has chosen to highlight and honor!

Number 3 @Mumu and the Ten Is Not Enough list, dedicated to players whom we haven't seen enough of in 2014. A great choice of players and excellent & fun intro and arguments for each entry! Good luck, Mumu in the remaining 2 days!


May all of you get many likes over the weekend and thank you for the inspired Mission 6 posts! Don't forget you get a bonus each time you export your widget to another site or poker forum :)

 Good luck all !!!!

Je ne comprend rien à ce qu'il y a d'écrit ( cours d'anglais = école buissonière quand j'étais au lycée) mais je pense que je peux dire:

Merci Annie 

 @Mumu Annie adore ton classement, ton choix des joueurs et tous les arguments que tu as donné pour se justifier ! :) Donc je pense que tu as bien compris le sens en remerciant dans ton commentaire :P  

Quel honneur de participer à ton podium perso  Merci beaucoup Annie 

Thank you @Annie RKH for this post, very proud to be twice nominated in your preferred.
Thank you for having put advanced us in front of our RankingHeros Shakespearien.

Merci Elena!