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Mission Accomplished! RankingHero Members Have Chosen their favorite poker eyes!

Big thank you to everyone who participated in #IrishEyesRKH  - it was really nice seing so much love for the poker world!

Here is the final ranking (click on the likes to see the entry):

1st prize: €100 credited on goes to @william with 22 likes on the incredible @Liv Boeree picture:



2nd prize: €50 credited on goes to @Mark Duguid with 18 likes,

who couldn’t take his eyes off (was not only him who couldn’t do that) the incredible @Maria Ho ..



3rd prize: €50 credited on goest to @Chris McPhee with 17 likes for the hot female boss @Kellyann Heffernan:


Special thanks to:

@Nicolas Levi@Pedro Canali and @Adrien Bacchi - we are sure that you too have love and care for the #womenINpoker, but sorry.. You cannot win.

Enjoyed @Kjell Lindqvist, @nicolas "petzouille67" Esslinger, @evGENII709 and @Eric Tsang’s entries - made us thrill!

@Stephanie Craig@Queen B and @Markus Grand 's entries were highly appreciated by the female part of our team!

Judging by all the player photos, there must be whole lotta love out there :)
We wish good luck to all three #IrishEyesRKH mission winners!
Use the IrishEyes Bet prizes smart and hopefully turn them into a nice win! 
Now we are on to the next challenge, so..

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Thanks, that was fun ;)

and super looking forward to the new missions coming up A♠ high/RKH



Guess my favorite poker eyes

I decided to challenge you! I am showing a picture, which is hiding my favorite poker eyes.
Guess and add yours #IrishEyesRKH !

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Sure. As I'm not on these pictures, you had to choose your second pick. I understand .

nice phtoo ina

@Guillaume De La Gorce doesn't have blue/green #IrishEyesRKH  but he is my choice :P 

It's a pity that I cann't win and play on :S

She is so Hot, luv @Ana Marquez Esteban !

#IrishEyesRKH #pokerbabes 


  Pretty girl ! :))) Thanks for the participation Berny :) GL!

@Elena RKH true, thats true..


Here it is!

Liv Boeree ...

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Ty Adrien. Why didn't you like it ? 

Hummm .... difficult ... i am doubtful. Who should i choose ? 



OK OK ... @Isabelle Mercier  


  A♠ A♥  haha Christian ! :)  

Added to my #pokerbabes tag

which one ??


Kim Lansing, c'est pas des jolis yeux ça ?


Bon d'accord, on les voit pas, mais quand même ! 


Est-ce que c'est la meme personne ?

Pas facile à dire Elena !  Possible...

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Question... On a le droit de tomber amoureux sur ranking hero...?

je dit ca je dit rien....

Oui du jeu....


 my belgian beloved @Gaelle Garcia Diaz  


 good choice 


Why not add the tag #pokerbabes she fits in!


Aller on va participer à cette première mission de RKH 

To go we are going to participate in the first mission of RKH

#irisheyesrkh #IrishEyesRKH

11 Commentaires Afficher tout

@Guillaume Bollin tout à fait d'accord, comme le dit le credo olympique la participation est la plus importante A♠ A♥ :))) et ton belle @Sandra Naujoks ...parfait  

@Guillaume Bollin wow hypnotic, is she an Alien?