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Goldfish Award, Part III: Worst Misreads

 Dear Heroes,

Our latest community mission is not a competition - it is a joint quest for the funniest fail in poker, which will receive the inaugural Rankinghero Goldfish Award!

This week we will be looking at the worst misreads ever captured by TV and live stream cameras. You can vote for one of the hands proposed by the RKH Team or nominate your own favorites! The best-liked entries under the different topics we cover will be shortlisted for the big Goldfish Award.

To share poker misreads and invite the community to vote for them, post on your page with the hashtags #RKHGoldfish #GoldfishMisread

If you like one of the five RKH Team suggestions, embed or post the video link (see below) on your page with the hashtags #RKHGoldfish #GoldfishMisread!

Thank you in advance for spreading the word and inviting more people to join in! We’ll be looking forward to your comments and your own funny finds under the weekly topic - MISREADS :)

Playlist, Goldfish Award: Misreads

Laak -

Bluff turned into bad beat turned into error.Bluff turned into bad beat turned into error. FREE 50$ poker capital for beginners click here:

Tilly -

Jennifer Tilly: "I thought you had pocket kings" - Poker After Dark - S01Get 50$ for free to launch your poker carreer: This is no scam. At the bottom of the site they explain how they are

Pobal  -

Worst Mistake In PokerDaniel Negreanu last hand WSOP 2015 - He drops down on the floor

Ivey  -

Phil Ivey mucks a winning flush - PokerFails.com

Balkin -

You Lost, BRO! - BIG FAIL at WSOP 2012 - World Series of Poker 2012 Main EventGet $88 Free - No Deposit Required!! More Info -- Gaelle Baumann [FRA] vs. David Balkin [AUS] WSOP 2012 World

Happy [gold]fishing, everyone :)


#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishMisread