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Road to Malta Final Mission IveyRead: The results!

Hi Heroes!

For the last mission, RankingHero and Betsson Group offer €100 in online tickets!


The mission winner gets a €50 ticket for the Final Satellite with a €2,500 package to Battle of Malta to win, including:

The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Event

A 5-star hotel

Travel expenses

And €1,000 for “à la carte” Lifestyle package activities.


And the winner is… @Skilful!

Congratulations! You finished 1st in likes and the RKH jury decided to award 3 points to your post!

You win a €50 ticket for our Final Satellite to Battle of Malta on Sunday 25 October!


2nd: @Mark Duguid.

14 likes + 2 points: 16 points.

You win €30!


3rd: @Jonny2192.

10 likes + 1 point: 11 points.

You win €20!


Thank you all for your participation!



  You all have one more chance to qualify to the Final Satellite!

  On Sunday 18 October, last satellite:

  €5 buy-in.

  €200 ADDED + a €50 ticket for the Final Satellite!



Please note: The Final Satellite is an open event. So if you want to try your luck to win the exclusive €2,500 package, join in!

It will take place on 25 October at 8:15 UK and will be live on Twitch!


Nice one. @Skilful you planning on selling package again if you win?

@Mark Duguid  He cant sell thatone if he wins, he said in his first competition entry he will take one of us with him with the bonus points to spend that come with the package.

Cant take us if he sells it :)

Nice one congratulations all, thanks ranking Hero!

GG all !

Nice pals,congrats

GG to all will stay true and continue the game