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Bet 365 on RKH - €2,500 up for grabs!


Hello All!

RankingHero and Bet 365 are happy to invite you to a RKH365 festival, with €2,500 up for grabs!


Next tournament Monday June the 15th at 8:15 pm (UK Time)!


A CUP with 4 added money tournaments!


Every Monday on BET365.com.


How to participate?

1. Enter your PokerNickname in the green box on the top left of this page.

2. Passwords will be sent by private massage on RankingHero 30 minutes before each tournament.



If you don't have a Bet 365 account yet, follow this link and get:

- €5 Tournament Token

- €100 New Player Bonus

- 100% bonus up to €100





Join the Leaderboard to get your share of the €1,000 distributed at the end of the Cup!


Prize pool for the Leaderboard:

1st €300 
 2nd €200 
3rd  €100 
 4th - 10th   €50
11th - 20th    €5





Monday June the 1st FREEROLL

€100 added!

Points for the Cup Leaderboard

Monday June the 8th €3

€100 added!

Points for the Leaderboard X2

Monday June the 15th €3

€300 added!

Points for the Leaderboard X2

Monday June the 22nd €5

€100 added!

Points for the Leaderboard X3



2 missions with €900 up for grabs!

 In this mission, tell us about the most spectacular hand you’ve ever played, if possible on Bet365 (with a special added gift in that case  ), with the hashtag #OMG365.


Find here all the details!



Nice  one,count me in!

 Come back Monday ;)

Glad to welcome Bet365 on Rankinghero, if you don't have an account yet, click here to get the best bonus and support RankingHero 

Thank ou very much to all staff @RKH , Bet365, congratulations affiliation, will be a great season!

Congratulations Y'all to FIRST SUMMER DAY ! 

Nice one. Am I just being stupid or is it missing (likely to be the former)... but what time do these start?

The mission starts in a few minutes, Paul. And the freeroll starts at 8.15 pm UK time.

@Paul Lambert think to add your Bet365 poker nickname in the green box on the page http://www.rankinghero.com/en/rooms/27/bet365 to receive the passowrd for the freeroll tonight :)

Hello, I just created my BET365 account, hopefully I put the refer code in the right format  I set up my account id as RedKiteRH and my poker alias is RedKite365 so I was not sure which one you needed me to add in the box ? Hope it is okay

@Andrew Brisland we need your poker NickName :) you can change it here: http://www.rankinghero.com/panel/personal.html?type=rooms

Thanks, done that

Good luck for tonight :)

Can we start now 3 runners

didn't get the code... guess i must have done something wrong on my side

Password ?


same here ...Should i change it and write my screen name?

well, guess we're out 


Good luck to all members ..I post my username but i did not receive the password to join this tournament

or not, cheers

is anywhere posted the password?


The password was sent. You all have private messages :) Sorry for the delay :/

late registration  1h 5 min 

 The RankingHero channel on Twitch:

Watch live video from RankingHero on www.twitch.tv

out AK<QK allin  preflop 

out as well. just played bad overall. i tend to do that :D

cant find green box for pm help plz


@blucky111 the password was sent to you in a private message

Another iPoker skin to add to my collection , the freeroll was ok, but a bit crazy from some players, hopefully when we have to pay money the game will be more serious

GG All! Was fun 

Thanks  @RKH Team,  nice game, congratulations to all players especially ITM,

* I fold an amazing hand, when  was about 40 players in the tournament, the board brought a full house for me,  that would put me among the Top 10 at the time, but it was really fun, I hope to meet you next Monday.

enjoyed the tourney got bad mouthed a little bit of one player but really enjoyed the rest some really good players finished 4th ty for the tourney

So see you there next monday I hope !

yes you will enjoyed it cheers

what time do we get the password ??


hmm...  today  added 300   , 21 jun  -  added 100  confused 

300 added tonight by the look of things



Back of the net

how much added Monday 22nd

100€ added and points x3 in the Leaderboard of the Cup, Andrew.

And at the end of the Cup, we will distribute €1,000 according to you rank in the Leaderboard.

And on top of that, the tournament will be braodcasted live on our Twitch channel!

This is where @Nicolas Levi will reveal the password, btw

Hi! Didn't find any information about leaderboard prizes...Where can I find this info?

It's a surprise ,,,,, we will distribute €1,000 according to you rank in the Leaderboard...... just get as high up the leaderboard as you can

Thanks a lot, Remi!

You're welcome. It's part of my job