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Guess my favorite poker eyes

I decided to challenge you! I am showing a picture, which is hiding my favorite poker eyes.
Guess and add yours #IrishEyesRKH !

Ahah you're revealing the secrets of our office's decoration Ina 

@Davidi Kitai isn't it ?

ahhhh guess @Davidi Kitai too... xoxo

Who is the tilt player? @Basile Yaiche ?

im guessing the guy top right in blue shirt dont know his name soz.. an lovely photo ina if yu had posted earlier i would have chosen you as my #irisheyes A♠ high

Ina I guess @Nicolas Levi 

  don't know maybe dividi ?

Adrien Bacchi perhaps?! Why not?

@william  you don't know the poker legend at the top right :) ? Search a bit, he's close to RankingHero's heart ;)#

hhaa i was waiting on someone to bite @Adrien Bacchi of course i know who it is i do my research from day 1 brother study work learn repeat all day everyday

@Basile Yaiche i know you man no worries 

Muy bonita señorita 

Thank you for your replies!  
I should finally say my #IrishEyesRKH nomination..
Oh, we are so lucky to have these lovely embassadors.  The choice was not easy!
And if rules would accept more than one nomination, I would probably nominate all.. 

But at the end @Pedro Canali wins!

Continue playing here! We have 3 days left!
And an INCREDIBLE €500 prize on IrishEyes bet :) 

Sure. As I'm not on these pictures, you had to choose your second pick. I understand .

nice phtoo ina

@Guillaume De La Gorce doesn't have blue/green #IrishEyesRKH  but he is my choice :P 

It's a pity that I cann't win and play on IrishEyesbet.com :S