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Another vote for A-T for KGB!

Agree with @Advoghado and will guess 10♠A♦ for the sake of variety :)

I assume Teddy KGB did NOT act first preflop - maybe it's a more recent heads-up rule?

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SWOT analysis, did you say?..

Mike's biggest strength is of course...


..the screenwriter :)

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Have a tilt and a smile!

This one really has it all - high stakes (WSOP ME)&good hands (set vs top two pair), steaming&smiling it off (and even a friendly superstar at the table)!

Hope you'll like my top #RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFold nomination:

Check out comments by Jesse Howells below the video!!!l

And if you want to know what went on before the video starts, here's the update from WSOP:



When you risk going broke or going #GoldfishFold..

Must be the best  one yet! Loved how the guy roared out his pain and tilt and still managed a smile in the end :) Let's vote it up @Mustafa Ali @Mike Johnson @Startling Grope @Evaldas Lukauskas @Ivan Kostovski @Santo Abate

Some unfunny Gus Hansen stories here by David Williams and Annie Duke's brother; a moderately funny fold and reaction by Mike Matusow, and a positively funny Esfandiari lesson in poker basics to Mike at 3:02 :)

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Rooms temperature is bigger than  Matusow's iq.Same thing aplies to Lederer.

they should make a movie togheter, dumb and dumber poker edition ,they dont even have to act ,just act normal.

When you try to 'out-durrrr' Durrrr himself...

Was asked to 'publish 1 picture' in my Habitat challenge so here comes another Goldfish candidate:

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 you lucky you, will officially post this on Facebook!

The 'best' or the 'worst' bluff of the century?


It's often referred to as the best bluff of all time but Sammy Farha himself has called it 'the worst bluff of the century'. He had apparently foreseen it but the stress and fatigue made him change his game plan and he folded, letting Chris Moneymaker make history...

Sammy Farha:

You should follow your instinct. I did not follow my instinct. When you take a long time, you lose your instinct. And that’s what happened.

My plan went perfectly. I said he’s gonna go all-in, he went all-in on the river, he missed his draw. But I changed my plan.

Let me tell you, it was the worst bluff of the year, but it worked out for one reason: I bluffed myself out. The reason I lost is because I underestimated my opponent. I didn’t care at the end, I was so tired. I couldn’t focus.

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Chris Moneymaker: The story behind the greatest bluff of all time - PokerPlayerIn this extract from Eric Raskin’s new book The Moneymaker Effect, we go behind the scenes and talk to those involved in the most important hand in poker historywww.pokerplayer365.com

If Farha admits to 'bluffing himself out', could he be our Goldfish?.. :)


Dreaming of Aspers :)

wow, orange is the new black ;) Bravo Simonetta (is it Vespucci?..)