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Have a tilt and a smile!

This one really has it all - high stakes (WSOP ME)&good hands (set vs top two pair), steaming&smiling it off (and even a friendly superstar at the table)!

Hope you'll like my top #RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFold nomination:

Check out comments by Jesse Howells below the video!!!l

And if you want to know what went on before the video starts, here's the update from WSOP:



When you risk going broke or going #GoldfishFold..

Must be the best  one yet! Loved how the guy roared out his pain and tilt and still managed a smile in the end :) Let's vote it up @Mustafa Ali @Mike Johnson @Startling Grope @Evaldas Lukauskas @Ivan Kostovski @Santo Abate