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RankingHero Goldfish Awards
25 Nov 2015
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#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishMisread " I HAVE A STRAIGHT" LOL   Read more

Brush Up on Your Deepstack Strategy in Time for the MPS Malta!

Annie RKH
13 Apr 2015
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The Mega Poker Series is a four-stop deepstack festival which has been touring Europe since 2012. It is about to kick off its fourth season with a new main sponsor: William Hill and a new... Read more

RKH Freeroll Championship on William Hill!

William Hill
4 Apr 2015
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Freeroll your way to the hottest poker destination in Europe!   @William Hill  welcomes RankingHero for a freeroll championship! More than €2,000 in cash and prizes! €100 added money freeroll... Read more

Tokens, freerolls and bonus: 3 reasons to play on William Hill!

William Hill
8 Apr 2015
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1. William Hill welcomes RankingHero for a freeroll championship! More than €2,000 in cash and prizes!€100 added money freeroll every Tuesday From 7th to 21st of April Prize pool of the William... Read more

Malta with William Hill: Results & new mission!

William Hill
9 Apr 2015
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Thanks to all the contestants in the first William Hill freeroll! Congratulations to the winner @Gh0sT ! He wins €50 and scores 150 points for the William Hill Cup! Find the full ranking here.... Read more

Test Your Poker Face Reading Skills - Spot the Fake Smile

Annie RKH
12 May 2014
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BBC Science has published a simple test developed by University of California professor of psychology Paul Ekman which poker players are sure to find both fun and useful. You are shown 20 videos of... Read more