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Will have what Davidi Kitai is having, thank you very much!

Wouldn't mind having whatever #superpower enabled the Queen-high call by @Davidi Kitai 


Davidi Kitai at Final Table in WSOP Event 15 - Ranking HeroThe Belgian triple crown winner (one of only five in the world) is the chip leader on the three-way final table in #wsop15 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed. In one of those rare poker moments that always rekindle our passion for the game @Davidi Kitai made a crazy call with queen high:www.rankinghero.com

The Four Best Poker Hands of the Year - Ranking HeroFor the first time this year @Bluff Europe presents a new category in The British Poker Awards - fans are invited to vote for their favorite poker hand. The selection is great and seems to have it all: from heartbreaking whims of chance to cold-hearted skill, through heart-throbbing suspense - you guessed it, poker is definitely not for the faint-hearted :)www.rankinghero.com

#morethanmoney :"I’ve played poker for more than 10 years now and I had to find a different goal from just making money. I think this is really important for every regular, high-frequency player.
So I said to myself: What I want to achieve is being number one in the GPI for at least one week. Since I set up this goal I feel that I play more regularly and more ambitious than before.
Every result is important now. It makes me sharp and dangerous" (Davidi Kitai in PokerListings interview)