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Are these the worst folds you have seen? Vote until Monday!



Kings are not enough for Matusow 

Jordan Hooper - Blog Post - Ranking HeroHi Guys,This is My Nomination for the worst Fold iv'e ever seen.www.rankinghero.com

Matusow needs to be 100% sure 

Emty - Blog Post - Ranking Hero#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFold sometimes it hapens when you thinking about worst www.rankinghero.com

Esfandiari has to explain about overpairs to Matusow 

Go Broke or Go GoldfishFold 

Have a tilt and a smile! - Ranking HeroThis one really has it all - high stakes (WSOP ME)&good hands (set vs top two pair), steaming&smiling it off (and even a friendly superstar at the table)!www.rankinghero.com

The guy who only plays pocket quads

What's a top best or worst list without Phil Hellmuth in it?.. 

Socius - Blog Post - Ranking HeroWhat's a top best or worst list without Phil Hellmuth in it?..www.rankinghero.com

Fooled into a Fold by Beauty and the Bluff

Behind every great bluff there is a bad fold?.. - Ranking HeroMiss Finland's PokerStars Shark Cage bluff is one of the most talked-about and fun hands of the year and wouldn't have been possible without @Ronnie Bardah.www.rankinghero.com

Rare fail by one of the Golden Boys of German Poker 

Advoghado - Blog Post - Ranking Hero#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFoldwww.rankinghero.com

The willpower to fold AAs 

Farcas Paul - Blog Post - Ranking Hero#RKHgoldfish and #GoldfishFoldwww.rankinghero.com

Frankenberger resists temptation of pocket queens 

Skilful - Blog Post - Ranking HeroThis has to be the worst fold i've ever seen...pot odds! also highlights the importance of having a 'plan' for the hand!!!!!!!! www.rankinghero.com


Goldfish Award: Folds - YouTubehttp://www.rankinghero.com/en/hashtags/GoldfishFold.htmlwww.youtube.com