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Action Hero Bonus Question: Who Is the Mystery Player?

Our #ActionHero bonus question: which of these RankingHero ambassadors is the Mystery Hero who keeps betting with K3 offsuit on Day 1 in a major tournament?...

Score an additional point with the judge (none other than the Mystery Hero her/himself) by guessing his/her identity right :)

Explore the profiles and the EPT8 Sanremo results page to make a better-informed guess in the comments below this post.

@Lucille Cailly 

@Pedro Canali 

@Nicolas Levi 

@Guillaume De La Gorce 

@Bruno Fitoussi 

The answer is coming in the final hand review on Friday and tomorrow we are moving on to Round 4!

Meanwhile you have until tomorrow 11:00 UK time to PLAY ROUND 3!

 Maybe @Ina RKH ?!?!? :P 

i know who is but if i write here all know it... lol

anyway the answer is : Mr pedro canali

guessing purely by assesing above images - @Pedro Canali :)

I would guess @Pedro Canali 

me hahahahaahah


@Guillaume De La Gorce 


@Bruno Fitoussi

 Has to be one of these Heroes ;)

bruno fitoussi then i guess