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I worked in the UK Casino Industry for over a decade, but left in 2015 to be a freelance writer. I write mainly about poker/gaming/gambling because it is what I know best, but my academic background is essentially research based, so I'll write about anything given enough time!

I have played poker for over 15 years, but I call myself a beginner, because it is only in the last 2/3 years that I have taken it seriousy, studied and actually learned what it means to be a poker player and not just a card table punter.
As I started to study, I thought that the info available to me, written by experts, was not always accessible at my level of understanding. I now try to write for poker players at and below my level in a way that is easy to understand and doesn't make a new player feel stupid.

I'm most passionate about generating the 2nd Poker Boom and bringing new blood into the game annd less concerned with the nose-bleed stakes players who I feel have very little to do with me as I micro-grinder! I'm proud to be a micro-tard, and I'm looking forward to meeting more players like me!

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I think my strategy style is unique. I'm a natu...,
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Jan 2004 to Jun 2015
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Proust WINS!!

He got Jacobsen allin pre flop with AK v Jacobsen's A2 (maybe the first time he was ahead all FT??)

The winner of Battle of Malta 2015 is decided!



Awesome !!!

Koops eliminated in 3rd place with largest cash amount, 125k. 

Here he is preparing for an interview with Maria:


Proust still on a sick heater, he just jammed A2 against Koops who called and flipped A10, nice little deuce on the river for the Ranking Hero RunGood patch!

Quite often a money chop speeds things up, but in this case, the prestige of being crowned the 2015 BoM champion is too much of a temptation.


A chop has been decided (I missed the exact change amounts, but it's good to the nearest 1k).

Koops- 125 000

Jacobsen- 102 000

Proust- 100 000


Still to play for... 10k to the winner and the title and the trophy!

GL to the three champions of BoM2015.



Elio has given the ICM chop figures as 90k (Proust) 99k (Jacobsen) and 147k (Koops) but says that they cannot play on for trophies alone, they need to leave cash behind, or take the place they are currently in.

They discussion continues...


Chop discussion continues.

Proust and Jacobsen have around 12mil each, Koops has 20mil+.

I have just heard Koops say "I think I can beat him" to his friend, but I don't know which player he was referring to.


Looks like they are discussing chop-chop...

There are calculators out and everyone looks very serious!


BoM2015: Monday 18:15

Down to four players, Anders Gran Kvam and Carlo van Ravenswould were eliminated in fairly standard spots.

Ravenswould got a bit unlucky when he shoved 1010 against Jacobsens open, but Jacobsen was tied in to call with Q10c and getting paid 41k isn't so bad!

There is an allin nearly every hand. Gilboa is the short stack, with Proust and Koops fairly even in the chip lead.

While I typed this, Gilboa busted with A4 when Jacobsen's K6 call became a straight. Gilboa seemed in good spirits as he celebrated his 54k win with his noisy rail.

Uri Gilboa

There will now be a short break while the three trophy winners have a wee and a smoke and prepare for the final stretch.

The biggest turnaround today has been Nicolas Proust, after some well timed rungood. @Rémi Rkh convinced Proust to wear the Ranking Hero patch at the FT, perhaps this is his lucky charm and the magic source of the rungood?

I've got my lucky Ranking Hero patch, have you got yours??


Down to 6 after Palmier bust in a messy pot.
Koops opened, Palmier 3bet shoved with AQ, Proust re-shoved and Koops folded.

Proust turned QQ that found another lady on the turn for a threesome that sent Palmier home with 21 800 euros.



BoM2015: Monday 17:35

The rail are getting active! There are now frequent all ins, as the structure is putting pressure on everyone, both short stacks to move, and big stacks to put them at risk when they do.

Proust has just doubled again with Q♠K♣ v Gilboa's, J♣J♥ spiking a queen on the turn for a 6mil point pot. Proust is running hot today, and today is the day to do it!!

The tournament has gone on an unscheduled 5minute break as a couple of the players need to pee.
Elio is much nicer than me as a TD, when I run a tournament, it would have taken a serious break down of society for me to stop the tournament clock.

They are just more chilled out here in Malta, so maybe I should calm down.
TBF, the clock has been stopped now for more than 5mins and one player has not returned, Elio can't start till he gets back, as it's an unscheduled break. That was my reason for never, ever doing it as a TD... there is another major reason, any ideas?