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Yo how's it going hero's been a while! What's everyone up to ?? Thinking of jumping into a small live mtt tonight myself , have a good one!

that's what i'm doing these days :D:DD:D:D hah

how it was the mtt?

I hope you are all having a great start to this year! How is your poker going? How about life?! Any goals on or off the felt this year?

My poker...well... could be better ! Life is... beautiful :P
How about you, Skilful ?

that's excellent! Love the resolution! I think mine is very similar to yours Elena! Life is going well, poker is not going well. I guess this is the right side to be on :D

Well that was quick  just lost with Quads vs Straight Flush in Titan Festival MTT!

Good Game @DecoGTX 

"Do you want to rebuy"

I did a real double take...

Double Take...

"Rebuy... but I had Qua....ds....."

"oh straight flush... gg!"

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sorry, IF Cash Game KKKK = BAD BEAT BONUS TITAN = 250$ !!! but 8888 ?


No and I've just been searching my holdem manager and can't find it either!!! =( hope you went deep Deco :D

Looking forward to the Titan Festival should be a lot of fun!


Good luck to everyone that is entering!