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 #RoadtoMaltaHand #HandMalta3

The river shows a


You check again, letting your opponent keep on the aggression.

And once again, it takes him less than 10 seconds to anounce…



Well, how do I feel now? TV show and Im facing decission:

- call and loose big stack with 84o

- or fold and be the bluffed idiod who folded trips with galf the stack already in the pot


I would say its feeling like this:


Normally I would fold, because I dont see villain like bluffing (not on river, but more on turn).


But the I realize, its TV show. The villain wants to be famous and look like bluffing genius.

And most important, I WANT TO LOOK GOOD on TV.

So its hero call and try to catch me.



Bnasp just reached the level 18 in Balla Habitat!
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Bnasp just reached the level 12 in Balla Habitat!
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Wow that looks cool, doesn't it?

 #RoadtoMaltaHand and #MaltaHand2

The flop reveals


You’re first to speak. 
You bet 15,000.

Vilain raises to 30,000.
You call.

The turn is 


Your opponent donk bets 55,000.

You’re confident with your trips. You raise to 155,000.

It takes vilain less than 10 seconds to announce a 3-bet to 255,000!


Well, now we are in extra difficult position. He is total bad ass with big balls, or he has pocket 5s.

There is still chance we presented par of queens or draws well and he is trying to bluff us by presenting trips.


I see 2 options:

- fold (yes its super painfull to fold that, sometimes you have to)

- raise to 355000, but beware, after next re-raise I would fold again.


I would hate to call here, that would just postpone our problems to river, possibly bringing next spade for even harder decission.


I choose raise to 355000 and hope he will well understand it as dedication to all-in and fold all except pocket 5s (or pocket Qs).


#RoadtoMaltaHand #MaltaHand1 

The flop reveals


You’re first to speak.


Well, I would check.


Unless I have some info about coward limper, it means he has some hand with good potential or hidden monster, I would be very unprobable to fold such hand by simple bet on flop. Maybe bet/raise would have fold equity, but that is too much for such hand and wet board. 

So check/call is a way to go. Mostly to keep the pot in reasonable size.


#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

Of course I will use all 100 points and and take a friend.

Thats it, clear decission, end of story, good night.



I ditch a friend at the airport, I take my 100 points back and hurray to Malta.



Then its Malta Classic Car Collection Museum.


Wine tasting tour.

Night with live music.


Strip club.

Lucky 4 hands Thaï massage.


And back home from Malta. It was good weekend.

And I almost, oh wait, wtf, I forgot I came to play poker and missed the registration. Noooooooooo!




hahah very funny, great post

hahah GL !!!


@Advoghado #Mystery55 

I will put my answer for both flop and river here.

At flop:

Im quite sure I have the best hand at flop, so I would raise for value. But not too much, to k.eep some small overpairs or even 2 overcards in the game. BB can have anything, but its very small chance to have anything dangerous for us.

The other guy I would put on two overcards or small overpair (I really dont see A3 in his limp range, its even more probable he has hidden monster like AA/KK).

Anyway, I would raise 750.

At river:

Im really considering all-in here, to put any Ax in tough position.

Im not afraid of almost any cards, as only pocket 2s are beating my hand, and with those we are ending all-in anyway.

So lets get some value, if out bet looks enough like a bluff, we might even get a call from some overpairs etc.

So I would bet something around 1.5x pot-size, to look like proper bluff.

At this case, I would raise 2350.


Nice, @Bnasp Thanks!

@Advoghado #Mystery55

For guess:

Im quite sure you called (it would be strange for BB to check if you raised). And I dont think you would fold with such odds.


About best action:

As said, if would be bad to fold with such great odds. This situation just cries for set-mining.

Anyway Im not big fan of set-mining myself. I would raise 3BB, with good odds the other tight players will fold.

In case of call, we can still get the pot with c-bet (on reasonable flops), even if we dont get a set.  

Congratulations @Bnasp on your big win! Well done man! 


#UnibetBubble #Decision6 

So lets check his range. What are we afraid of? KK?

Whyyy the hell he would loose all extra value he can get from such monster. He would be not afraid of flush or anything. He could slow play it till river and no danger (well maybe 1 out to quads).

So yes, he is trying to present KK, but very badly.

So what else? No way he would limp with 5 in his hand, like A5, K5.

All what makes sense:

- he is afraid, that Im almost sure.

- he wants small pot fast, without taking the risk of dangerous cards on turn/river. But being blind to those dangerous 5s already on flop. He is just refusing to believe I could have another 5.

- AK, AA makes sense for such player as he wants to get the pot fast, dont give any chance that flush.

- other thing which makes sense is flush draw AQh, AJh, QJh.He things he takes small pot, or like 50% equity if I call. Oooo, how wrong he is.

- quite little sense makes some smaller pair, like QQ, JJ, TT. But still possible.


So over all, he is going to crash hard. I call. I expect to have like 70% equity and its just too much EV+ to fold even at bubble.

Nice post, thanks :) 

Great post Bnasp those dog picture are too cute!