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Funniest Poker Fails: The Goldfish Award Finalists

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFail 

Over the past weeks we've been looking for and sharing funny poker bluffs, folds, misreads, and calls. By giving 'likes' to the nominated hands, RankingHero members picked four finalists for the virtual Goldfish Award. It is now time to vote for the winner!


Voting is open to the whole poker community and you are all more than welcome to share the form on your personal blogs or websites and on social media!


Though this mission was not a competition, RankingHero likes to reward its active members and this time is no exception! We already have three winners of branded decks of cards - @Simonetta @Jordan Hooper and @Emty head the leaderboard wih most nominations and likes:

@Simonetta  71
@Jordan Hooper 
@Advoghado  36
@Annie RKH 
@Farcas Paul 
@Startling Grope 
@Mark Duguid 
@Queen B 


Two more decks of cards will be given out to two randomly drawn members out of everyone who participated in the Goldfish mission by nominating, liking, commenting, and sharing - to be announced next week! Finally, one of the 4 mission entrants who nominated the finalists will win a fantastic RankingHero T-shirt! 

@Annie RKH (who, believe it or not, does not have a RKH T-shirt and would very much like one :) with the best-liked #GoldfishBluff 

@Simonetta - best-liked #GoldfishFold 

@Mark Duguid - best-liked #GoldfishMisread  

@Jordan Hooper - best-liked #GoldfishCall 

Happy voting everyone and please share the form and the good laughs with your poker friends :)



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Thank you very much,long time i put eyes on thee card deck

no me in this game..but next Imma blow you

Some unfunny Gus Hansen stories here by David Williams and Annie Duke's brother; a moderately funny fold and reaction by Mike Matusow, and a positively funny Esfandiari lesson in poker basics to Mike at 3:02 :)

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishFold 

Rooms temperature is bigger than  Matusow's iq.Same thing aplies to Lederer.

they should make a movie togheter, dumb and dumber poker edition ,they dont even have to act ,just act normal.

Hi Guys,

This is My Nomination for the worst Fold iv'e ever seen.

The Showdown between Hellmuth and Mattusow. I Cant believe he folds :')

My Favourite hand ever from High Stakes Poker. What makes it even better Hellmuth Collects $500 from everyone.


Phil Hellmuth's 72 vs Mike Matusow's kings - High Stakes PokerGET FREE $$$$50 - register on http://tinyurl.com/propokerschool Pass the quiz and receive free $50 starting capital to start off your poker career with profe...www.youtube.com

#RKHgoldfish  #GoldfishBluff  #GoldfishFold 

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishBluff #GoldfishFold 

RankingHero Goldfish Award Part II: Worst Fold

RankingHero invites you on a mission to find

the funniest live poker fail of all time! 

Over the coming weeks we’ll announce ‘calls for nominations’ under five different topics and in December we’ll vote for one of the shortlisted nominees. The most popular one will win

the RankingHero Goldfish Award!



Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll announce a new topic. Post your nominations using the right hashtags (see below).

You can propose up to three videos/photos/hand histories from reputed sources (e.g. WSOP updates, PokerNews Live Reporting) under each topic.

At the end of the month the 4 best liked nominations overall will be put up for public voting to select the FUNNIEST POKER FAIL.

Please note: The top nomination under each topic is not automatically shortlisted; at the end of the mission, we’ll vote for the 4 most popular ones across all 5 topics covered!



Each nomination earns you 5 points! (Up to 3 under each topic!) 

Each like for your nomination earns you 1 point!

*You will not earn points for nominations after the next topic is announced but ‘likes’ will count throughout the mission!


A RankingHero T-shirt for the member who nominated the ultimate winner of the Goldfish Award for Funniest Poker Fail.

Decks of cards to the three RankingHero members with most points collected throughout the mission!

Decks of cards to two randomly drawn participants out of everyone who nominated, commented, gave ‘likes’, and shared on social media during the mission!

Call for nominations: Worst Fold!

You have until Thursday, 19 November to post your entry under this topic.

You can either embed a video (or post link to it), post a photo and/or a hand history (and remember to provide a link to your source)!

Use the hashtags #RKHgoldfish and #GoldfishFold  


When you try to 'out-durrrr' Durrrr himself...

Was asked to 'publish 1 picture' in my Habitat challenge so here comes another Goldfish candidate:

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishBluff 

 you lucky you, will officially post this on Facebook!

Nice one! Keep it for the Worst Folds :)

Wrong time to bluff


#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishBluff 

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

The 'best' or the 'worst' bluff of the century?


It's often referred to as the best bluff of all time but Sammy Farha himself has called it 'the worst bluff of the century'. He had apparently foreseen it but the stress and fatigue made him change his game plan and he folded, letting Chris Moneymaker make history...

Sammy Farha:

You should follow your instinct. I did not follow my instinct. When you take a long time, you lose your instinct. And that’s what happened.

My plan went perfectly. I said he’s gonna go all-in, he went all-in on the river, he missed his draw. But I changed my plan.

Let me tell you, it was the worst bluff of the year, but it worked out for one reason: I bluffed myself out. The reason I lost is because I underestimated my opponent. I didn’t care at the end, I was so tired. I couldn’t focus.

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishBluff


Chris Moneymaker: The story behind the greatest bluff of all time - PokerPlayerIn this extract from Eric Raskin’s new book The Moneymaker Effect, we go behind the scenes and talk to those involved in the most important hand in poker historywww.pokerplayer365.com

If Farha admits to 'bluffing himself out', could he be our Goldfish?.. :)

This is great viewing. It's not a huge hand but Negreanu does pretty much everything he can to hand his chips over.

#RKHgoldfish #GoldfishBluff