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Well I am truly happy with betsafes final reply to me, I must commend them on a very generous compensation offer.  It was a rocky start to my complaint and took a bit of time but the end result is what counts and they have more than done enough to make me a very happy poker player.

Well played Betsafe.


And my reaction to the last email was

Here is the email:-

Hi Jon


Thanks for contacting me.


From what I understand support have informed you that because the tournament was set up as a freeroll i.e a tournament without a buy-in, any players inactive after a certain period are automatically removed from the tournament.


However as we noticed you participated in most of the tournaments we ran with rankinghero we would like to offer you a goodwill gesture as you were denied the chance to qualify for BOM


We can either offer you a package to BOM 2016 or a package to SuperWeekend Tallinn (Estonia) in May 2016.


Superweekend is a Betsson group sponsored tournament with the same buy-in as BOM and has around 250-300 runners and the package has the same value as BOM in that it includes buy-in, hotel, and travel money (300 Euro)


Please let me know your choice of tournaments



That's an absolutely tremendous response. Well played everybody.

I bet you won't be looking to sell it eithercongratulations to betsafe as well, the situation was a F**K up  and they have done there best to rectify it 

Nope, I want the experience of a game I wouldnt normally have bankroll to play. 

So will definetly be going just trying decide on which game.

tallinn women are meant to be hot 


Lol, no good me going there then, I have no chance with the hot women.

Like I say "Give the package to jonny us compensation betsafe"

@Emty  You keep calling it right, Now can you just say Jonny will win BOM 2016 :)

is jonny doctor who and gonna be travelling in his tardis ?


Sorry dont know what you talking about(luckily we can edit posts :) )


Ok, Jonny2192 win BOM 2016