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Even more confused now. I just looked on my profile and it does seem to have accepted the fact I've added all my online aliases (screenshot below) but it doesn't seem to have any of my online results... are they supposed to be greyed out?

I also have an online score but I dunno why cos it doesn't seem to have my results...

was wondering about this too : /


Hey, we don't display online results, some sites do this very well. We only use your stats to compute points for the HeroScore.
We've noted some refresh bugs so bare with us as we improve the feature. @Laurent Gomez is the man :)

Ah ok, that makes sense then. I've taken the last week off anyway so I'm sure it'll be up to date. Cheers for letting me know

All your logins have now been processed, it was only taking some time.

All is grey because the design wanted it that way ;)