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I'm proud to present the latest addition to the #RankingHero team ! 

@Annie RKH has always been passionate about games and the people who play them; she’s a trivia and movie buff and the proud mother of three, all of whom learned to play poker between the age of 3-5, which tells you a lot about her family life and her perception of poker as an education tool.

Annie RKH
Lived in: Cuba, Sweden, France, Canada, Austria, Bulgaria
Loves: movies, psychology, languages and linguistics, mind & word games
Would rather have Internet than: central heating and hot water
Hates: haters
Good at: bad habits
Bad at: Anything involving willpower and organizational skills
In poker: loose non-aggressive calling station, social and recreational gambler rather than player
Studied: English in Paris (Master’s in Applied Linguistics)
Worked in: Marketing & Advertising, Online Gaming, Online Media

Welcome @Annie RKH  ;) !