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New on here, just saying hi

hey :) welcome on board 

Welcome Maria!

We love #womenINpoker on RankngHero :) Looking forward to your updates, Maria!

Hi there, Maria, nice to have you! How did you find about RankingHero? :)

Glad to see you here, welcome!

Thanks guys. I saw a post on facebook where someone had linked their profile to here.

Looking good guy! Not sure if Nicholas remembers me but I also used to do live reporting for I used to see him around and we called him " the hat" :) 

Sure I remember you, Snoop, Jen and Chris. Cracking team :)
What are you up to these days?

Welcome Maria!

Haha "the hat" :D Nico wanted to save this for himself only, but no more :))

Nice hat @Nicolas Levi 

Welcome ! 

I believe the full name was "The Hat Pimp" or perhaps that was just for snoop London EPT: Day 2 -;wap2


Oh wow, I just read through some of that update.  Cannot believe that was 2007!! So many hero's in that EPT that just aren't around anymore sadly.  Oh yes I see now you were the Hat Pimp, 8 years passing has halved my memory :). We got away with so much on those updates, they were so much more personal, friendly and comical than what is on offer these days I feel.

I still play Nicolas, but not as much as past years. Just tend to stick to my local Dusk Till Dawn - a lot fewer travel expenses lol.

Glad I found this place

Hello Maria! Welcome!