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I have a few spaces for coaching at the moment that has just become available due to unforeseen circumstances. I am opening this up to the "RankingHero" group since the discounted rate is only available until the 31st of June.

I have exclusively been offering my coaching to the Ace High Poker Group before this. All my references are from there(for anyone looking for references).

A lot of people have now had a chance to experience my coaching and as such my places fill fast through word of mouth. So if you are interested please get in touch quickly.

My coaching page is at the bottom of the post which gives information about my background and what skills you can learn from me coaching you. I coach all skill levels whether you are looking to just beat your friends or to take poker to the next level.

My coaching is very personalised and i really do feel this sets me apart from all other coaches. I will take things at your speed and explain your leaks and how we will work together to fix them.

I have coached Robbie Smith Jamie Renwick Maclean Perivale TonyKrzysztof Przybyla Conor Murray-Gauld Mark Tearney Matthew WoodRichard Atkinson Kevin Denouette Vad Imkinas Sean Connor Mark England Kamil Daszewski Calum Rodgers Stuart Green among others. Many of these students are members in this group as well and are currently coached by me should you wish to ask them any questions. Matt Wood and Mark England are from the Blue Blood poker group, i coach the students there.

Here is what they had to say;

Jamie Renwick Maclean - "Previously I beat 10NL cash games but moved over to STT's 8 months ago. I felt I had learned all I could on my own so getting a coach made sense.
I highly recommend that if you play sit and go's or mtts you get in touch with him." - his sit and go graph since coaching with me is below

Perivale Tony - "I have been playing poker for about 2.5years now but it is only since spending some time with Ben that I have had my first winning month on Stars & we've only done 10 hours together. Gotta get some family stuff sorted but I will definitely be doing some more sessions."

Krzysztof Przybyla - "Anyone looking to improve rapidly should at least take a consultation from Ben, he has improved my game greatly and ive only done a couple of sessions."

Kevin Denouette - "Don't even stop to think about this, someone needs to grab this space quicktime!!! I can recommend Ben's coaching, great insight at a great price. A true no brainier. Do it!"

Robbie Smith - "Been away didn't have a chance to comment, really great coach, has an excellent method of teaching and really knows his stuff, would recommend to anyone looking."

Conor Murray-Gauld - "Gone from min cashing to cashing deeper and more consistently both live and online, since signing up with Ben i've cashed for a total over $1500 a huge turn around in my game - in a very short space of time. I consider every lesson to be massively insightful and its change my entire attitude to the mental side of poker and that is invaluable, you could not get better value for money, would recommend"

Mark Tearney - "My game has evolved immensely thanks to Ben’s coaching. My approach to decision making has been honed to the point where I can be confident about my choices regardless of how well a session is going. Coaching sessions are informative, enjoyable and exceptional value for money. Get in while you can."

Richard Atkinson - "I have noticed I am playing a lot more confidently, running deeper & final tabling a lot more in my micro 45/90/180 player sit & go's & mtts- most recently a 27th place finish in a 1688 field. Great value for money & I would recommend anyone who wants to get more out of their poker"

Mark England - "I'm not saying it's ENTIRELY Ben's influence, but I've gone from a small winner in $8.80s and $11s and $22s to up $6700 this year .... highly recommended. You need to be prepared to work though."

If you're looking for coaching then I recommend that you contact me while there is still a slot available.

My coaching adverts have been passed by admin on the Ace High page and I have been a member there for 18 months+. I have been running regular coaching there for around 15 months now.

I will offer a free consultation to anyone who is interested regardless of whether i go on to coach you or not.

I hope I can help some of you and good luck at the tables ladies and gents.