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3 More Days to Go until Official Launch of Heroscore!

Dear Ranking Heroes,

As you well know, we believe poker means #MoreThanMoney! We've developed a unique feature and ranking to measure more than results&winnings, but also the influence, popularity, and contribution of the members of the poker community! 

Please help us in this endeavour by supporting us on Thunderclap:

and on Facebook, by joining and sharing the event dedicated to the official launch on May 18th:

Thank you all and stay tuned for the HeroScore Countdown! Coming up next - Number 6. Who do you think it is?..


More about HeroScore in this post by @Nicolas Levi

Nicolas Levi - Blog Post - Ranking Hero

Thanks to all new and veteran RankingHero members for the interest and support for this exciting new feature! Please join us on Facebook and Thunderclap to give a well-deserved shoutout for HeroScore :)

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@Sev Dubju Schroumfette @Mariechocolat @Thomas "Tom Larson" Alarcon @vatopkr 

#morethammoney #heroscore come on everyone get involved