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Goldfish Award, Part 4: Worst Calls

In our latest community mission, we’re looking for the funniest poker fails and bad plays. You can still give ‘likes’ to the entries under the topics covered so far: bluffs, folds, misreads. In this final round, we invite you to nominate the bad calls that have made you howl, laugh or weep!

Take a look at our picks this week and nominate them or share other funny hands with the hashtags #RKHgoldfish and #GoldfishCall

Playlist, Goldfish Award: Calls


It is often hard to tell the line between a goldfish and a shark, between genius and donk call.. And the best players in the world are sometimes fooled by their own ego into making bad decisions. Was that the case with Phil Hellmuth in these three hands?



Whether or not this was a legitimate call by Phua, and whether the heroes in this hand are goldfish or whales, it is a must-see and probably one of the funniest in televised high-stakes poker:


Was UK poker legend ‘Devilfish’ tricked into a ‘goldfish move’ by Sam Trickett?

Starting on Tuesday 8 December, we’ll be voting for the four shortlisted hands from across all categories to decide the winner of the RankingHero Goldfish Award. If your nomination is voted the funniest fail of all you could win a great RankingHero T-shirt and everyone who nominated, liked, or shared our Goldfish posts on Facebook and Twitter stands the chance to win a branded card deck!

We’re looking forward to your entries and, as always, thank you in advance for spreading the word on social media :)

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