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Weekly RankingHero Highlights

We've added more portraits to our #RKHbio gallery! This week, with 2014 November Niners Billy Pappas, Daniel Sindelar, and chess Grandmaster and PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade!

Today, September 28th, is a big day for #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH. Congratulations to @Davidi Kitai (great day to pay homage to his genius and recall this #PokerHand and  crazy call he made in WSOP 2014), to @William Pappaconstantinou aka Billy Pappas, @Jamie Kerstetter, and @Christophe Ducrot! May your RankingHero results pages swell with juicy cashes in the coming year :)

In other news, we took a look at the WPT Monster Invitational - David Williams Defeats Five Monsters of Poker Amidst Refreshing Camaraderie and Great Fun, and the Unibet Open Cannes.

Warm welcome to @Patrick Muleta @Derek Maughan @Edward Liu @Iheb Bouajaja and all of our new members!

Congratulations to the winners of the past week - @Nicolas Le Floch @Arnaud Peyroles @Ellie Biessek @Michael Cadet @Dimitri Paillarguelo @Cesar Ferreira and many, many other members who cashed in tournaments all over the real and online world of poker!

The #screenshotcampok gallery is also growing fast and even our own co-founder and ambassador @Nicolas Levi has contributed  :)

Special thanks to all of you who post, share and like on RankingHero and on our Facebook page@VinzZ-BlitzZ  @arnaudco @MyPokerPal @janluk1554 @Gene O'Leary and all the other active members of our community!

Yours truly,

@Annie RKH