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Will keep this short and sweet based on whats given its a huge FOLD

Logic tells you to fold you dont have the nuts so why risk your tournament life in the first hand only to end up walking outta aspers like a mug holding your 888nuts cos they got cracked by A♥A♣/9♦9♣ or by the flush he shoved to hit.

See you on Flight2 when i'll actually be entering

As for the villian with no read on him (its the first hand) I would take note of his actions fold my cards face up showing them smile back and say " you need to restack your chips bruv!" in my cockney accent and move onto the next hand keeping in mind i'm playing the table and not 1 single player.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Hello Lee, welcome on RankingHero and good luck for this mission :)