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Weekly RankingHero Highlights

Some of the events we followed on RankingHero in the past week were the 2014 partypoker WPT Merit Classic North Cyprus at the @Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino; another 100K super high roller at @ARIA Resort & Casino; and, of course, the @Barriere Poker Tour Lille, which was preceded by a fun promotional contest here on RankingHero, won by our own @Jason Matthieu

RankingHero is happy to welcome Campok  - the only social poker app with webcam - and our members have begun enjoying the application! Special thanks to all of our betatesters who have been posting screenshots and feedback on #CampokOnRKHbetatest, @Cuanardo @David Maller and @Eric Pineau to mention just a few! Good luck and lots of fun in the exclusive NoMercyMaking Tournament tonight at 21h with @Isabelle Mercier :)

In other news, Bruno Fitoussi has made the Poker Hall of Fame short list of 2014 #PokerHOF candidates, thanks in part to the enthusiastic support and active voting by our community!

If you miss the bright early years of the Moneymaker Era and love #womenINpoker you'll enjoy this flashback to 2004 Ladies Event Final Table and Annie Duke in Tournament of Champions.

You can help bring back poker into mainstream television by voicing your support for the pilot episode of Underground Poker on Discovery, with Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak!

Warm welcome to our new members @Matthias de Meulder @Alberto Fiorilla @Patrick Legrand @George Athanasiou and many, many others who have joined our ranks this week. Good luck to @Sylvain Ribes 'Artplay' and the 2nd edition of his e-book, "Le Poker Apprivoisé". Hopefully, he'll  publish some extracts and tips for our members?..

All the best and looking forward to seeing you on Facebook, as well!

Yours truly,

@Annie RKH 




fier de ma nomination qui est celle de votre soutien collectif sur RankingHero 

merci encore à vous tous   A♥ A♥ 

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one time !!!

Joyeux Anniversaire @Bruno Fitoussi ! We will not crash your birthday party today, but please make sure there's enough  and  for the whole RankingHero community when we celebrate your #PokerHOF induction this year :)

HB le King