London Cash Game Festival 2016
London Cash Game Festival 2016
London Cash Game Festival 2016
Cash Game Festival
Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City
Mercredi 30 Mars 2016 - Dimanche 3 Avril 2016
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Cash Game Festival Mission: Name Your Move & Win £100!

Cash game specialists wanted for the CGF feature table at @Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City. Here's how you can win a free stack of chips!


Hey, we get it - you probably don’t want to reveal your secret, super powerful killer move! So it’s up to you whether to share your hard-earned cash game experience and tips (they might win you favor with the judges, though ;)!

All we ask is the name of the move as you would like it to go down in poker cash game history one day :)

Enter our mission and win a stack of chips from Aspers Stratford to test your skills against RankingHero ambassadors @Pedro Canali and @Lucille Cailly in the London edition of the Cash Game Festival (March 30-April 3)!

How to win £100 in chips:

1. Post the name of your move with the hashtag #CashGF by March 25th.

2. Get as many people as possible to give you the distinction 'cash game specialist' on RankingHero!


The top ten most endorsed ‘cash game specialists’ among all mission entrants will be shortlisted on March 25th!

Lucille and Pedro will pick their favorite answers from the shortlisted candidates and the 5 winners  will be announced on March 28th. They will each get £100 in chips from Aspers Stratford to play at the Cash Game Festival feature table (date and time to be announced shortly).


You'll find the distinctions box on the left-hand side of your profile page


Then click 'Add more' and go to 'Poker Knowledge':


Good luck and stay tuned for a special interview with Lucille and Pedro who might reveal some of their professional cash game secrets!

 love it

I have entered the comp. Please check out my entry and if you like it. hit the cash game specialist distinction.. good luck