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26th of septembre rebuy
26th of septembre rebuy
26th of septembre rebuy
Mona Lisa club
Saturday 26 September 2015
Free tournament
During this festival
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Saturday 31 October 2015
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Pierre Vallet
Pierre Vallet France


30 Poi.

Results Earnings
2nd Svetozar Stoianov Bulgaria
Svetozar Stoianov

25 Poi.

3rd Dessislava Hristova Bulgaria
Dessislava Hristova

22 Poi.

4th Jordan Georgiev Bulgaria
Jordan Georgiev

20 Poi.

5th Alexandre Yovchev Bulgaria
Alexandre Yovchev

18 Poi.

6th Dimitar Madjarov Bulgaria
Dimitar Madjarov

16 Poi.

7th Nikolay Georgiev Bulgaria
Nikolay Georgiev

14 Poi.

8th Mark Rogers United States
Mark Rogers

12 Poi.

9th Charly Rkh France
Charly Rkh

11 Poi.

10th Ivan Jordanov Bulgaria
Ivan Jordanov

10 Poi.

11th Vladimir Petkov Bulgaria
Vladimir Petkov

5 Poi.

12th Petar Petrov Bulgaria
Petar Petrov

4 Poi.

13th Catarina Leal Portugal
Catarina Leal

3 Poi.

14th Laurent Gomez France
Laurent Gomez

2 Poi.

15th Daniela Boycheva Bulgaria
Daniela Boycheva

1 Poi.

16th Orlin Grigorov France
Orlin Grigorov

1 Poi.

18th Adrien Bacchi France
Adrien Bacchi

1 Poi.