RKH HomeGame W4 2015
RKH HomeGame W4 2015
RKH HomeGame W4 2015
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Friday 23 January 2015
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Congrats to the winner! @Adrien Bacchi !

It's was a quick heads up against @Eva Dimitrova , 3rd time to do it.

GG to all the rest - @Ina Rkh @Rémi Rkh @Charly Rkh @Laurent Gomez 

It was @Camille RKH 's first game - well done!!!


HU against Eva, I go all in with 6♠ K♦  hoping that she would fold...or that K♣ K♦ would remain the strongest pair alive ;).
Eva called and her pair of 10♠ 10♣ was not match against the kings.

Ouf been lucky again ;). COME ON GUYS stop letting me win, you're making it really obvious now