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Mission 4 - Dream Final Table: The results!


RankingHero and Betsson Group offer you an exclusive €2,500 VIP package including:

The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Event

A 5-star hotel

Travel expenses

And €1,000 for “à la carte” Lifestyle package activities.



In this mission, you had to invite 8 people to join you at the Battle of Malta Main Event final table and you had complete freedom to summon anyone - from the Poker Hall of Fame and the Heroscore Top 10, through celebrities and public figures, to the pantheon of ancient heroes and rulers!


Well, dear RankingHeroes, you certainly gave the jury a VERY TOUGH time :) Here comes the final verdict:


@Mark Duguid , 21 pts: €40 (including a €2 ticket for the next SuperSat)

@Shyvatrip , 21 pts: €40 (including a €2 ticket for the next SuperSat)

@Santo Abate , 17 pts: €5

@Sean Connor , 15 pts: €5

@Jonny2192 , 15 pts: €5


We have TWO finalists sharing the first place this week - @Mark Duguid and @Shyvatrip! Both demonstrated great courage and did not hesitate to invite some of the very best poker players of all-time, both made an excellent presentation and explained their choices well.

While Mark leads slightly in likes, the jury must admit we succumbed to Andre Panto’s adorable ‘lucky charms’ who won our hearts and thus won their dad 5 extra points :)



The remaining prize pool was not any easier to share out.

Here are the finalists with most likes and the best illustrated and well argumented lists of invitees!


@Santo Abate ranks third by likes but with so many jury members at his final table we could not risk accusations of corruption and therefore denied him any extra points  The 17 pts he got through likes still earn him a €5 prize!


@Sean Connor got a bigger bonus for being brave enough to invite four of our favorite female players to his dream final table. Sweet dreams, Sean, you win €5!


@Jonny2192  shares the 4th place with 15 points and his fun final table where hopefully Captain Jack Sparrow will distract Liv Boeree, while Jessica Rabbit keeps the explosive Vinnie Jones busy, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey trade jokes and our Jonny picks up all the pots :)



Finally, congrats to the random draw winner - @Bnasp!

You win €5 in tickets!

Keep spreading the good RKH news by sharing our posts :)



Thank you all for your participation and we hope to see you equally inspired in our next - and last - #RoadtoMalta mission!

Stay tuned !


Congrats winners :)

thanks guys really apreciate that u liked my post once again my lucky charms gave me luck :)

sorry about my ignorance but where are those 40euros going to??can i grind them for charity?

out of curiosity how many points did i recieve ?

Grats everyone! There were some great final tables to read about

@Shyvatrip grats, they are going into betsson account / (betsafe) if you are in UK.

If you don't have an account you just need to create one http://www.rankinghero.com/Betsson.Group and enter your alias in here

ty its done

unfortunately I do not ever win ... luckily the other players vote always for me 

GG !!!! 

congrats pals