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Blog & Go Contest Part 2: The VIP Player Party!


RankingHero and Betsson Group offer you an exclusive €1,500 VIP package including:

The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Event

A 5-star hotel

Travel expenses

And you get to be the official RKH reporter in Malta!


All you have to do is to qualify to the Bloggers Satellite through our three special contests.



   2nd step: Imagine and describe the VIP Player Party during the Battle of Malta.

   Was the party wild and exciting or too fancy and stiff; cool or too cold; fun or lame?

   Give us all the juicy details and bits of gossip you heard as the RankingHero reporter!

   The sky and your imagination are the limit, so get the party started on RankingHero with your blog :)





Post it on RankingHero with the hashtag #MaltaBOMParty.

You have until Monday 5 October


Share it on social networks and invite your friends to like your post on RankingHero.


Every 10 likes you get on RKH will earn you 1 point!

Then the RKH jury will evaluate the top 10 submissions and award 1 to 10 points for content and presentation.



Everything will ultimately be settled with cards and chips:

At the end of the 3 contests, the 9 members who earn the most points will participate in a private SNG to decide who gets the €1,500 package to Malta!

For more info, click here!


Current ranking of the competition:


Pts Challenge 1

Pts Challenge 2

Pts Challenge 3

Total points

@Skilful  8    


@Kat Arnsby  8    


@Jonny2192  7    


@DecoGTX  5    


@William Calder  5    


@Santo Abate  4    


@Allin  2    


@Zia Gabry  2