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Mission UnibetBubble is now over!

Dear Heroes,

Thank you all for participating!


There are €1,500 to distribute in this mission, so there will be a lot of winners ;)

First, the 10 finalists are :

@William Calder @Jonny2192 @Keith @Skilful @Ajax @Mathias Petit @grandad900 @Bnasp @Advoghado @ArchyWraith 


Our judge @Nicolas Levi will now check your posts and select the winner of €300.


Congratulations already to you all. Every finalist (except the winner ;) ) will get €50 in Unibet tickets!


There will also be a jury special prize of €150.


And 10 randomly drawn entrants will win €30 worth of Unibet tickets each!


So stay tuned. Results coming soon!


#UnibetBubble #Decision6

thanks for this great promotion! :)


What Ajax said  

 to everybody 

gg all gd luck to you all .thanks a bunch rkh for these fantastic oppurtunities #ACEHIGHFTW 

im out lol thanks

Thank you@RKH  and congrats all winners! :)

congrats to the other finalists , hopefully this post will hope with the hotlink for the judge, if not could someone edit the mention list as my name isn't linked with the other finalists names



Thanks RKH, you're amazing. Congrats to the Finalists!

How cool

Thankyou RKH good luck everyone all the finalists and everyone else too!

Congrats guys

Looks like I am a bublleboy

@Emty You still have a chance with this cool format, fingers crossed for you!

Thank you @Skilful good luck you to,double fingers crossed for you to win this competition

Good luck all, I'm putting my fake reading glasses on, back in a bit =)