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Your Poker Way to Glasgow: Second Freeroll

Your Poker Way to Glasgow starts tonight at 8pm (UK time) with the first Freeroll on Unibet.com. :)

How to participate?

A♠ Register on Unibet: CLICK HERE

A♣ Enter your Unibet IDENTITY (screename) in the green box on the top left of this page: "Connect your Unibet.com account".

(You’ll receive a password in your RKH inbox 30 minutes before the freeroll.)

A♥ Play and score points on your way to the final leaderboard and Glasgow!

A♦ Prize pool:


Good luck!


@John Thomson  Hello! Your password was send thru a personnal message on the site half an hour before (so 20min after your comment) A♥


@goran pls enter your Unibet identity in the green box (top lef) on the page: http://www.rankinghero.com/unibet.com

Unibet.com - Ranking Herowww.rankinghero.com

Good game, made some needed points, is there a leaderboard now i can check? Cant wait till next 1 lol