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RKH Championship on Partypoker!

The online room @PartyPoker.com welcomes RankingHero for a special Cup for RankingHero members, beginning the 26th of March!

$2,000 prize pool!


LAST TOURNAMENT: Wednesday May the 20st!



Every week, from March the 26th to May the 14th, participate in a championship including freerolls and $1 buy-in tournaments on @PartyPoker.com.

You can win cash and goodies in each tournament! 


03/26 at 8pm FREEROLL Prize pool : 100 €
04/02 at 8pm FREEROLL Prize pool : 100 €
04/09 at 8pm: FREEROLL Prize pool : 100 €
04/23 at 8pm BUY-IN 1 € (Add-on, rebuy 1€) Added money : 200 €
13 at 8pm FREEROLL Prize pool : 100 €
05/20 at 8pm BUY-IN 1 € (Add-on, rebuy 1€) Added money : 200 €


And at the end of the championship, the overall top ranking players will share a  $850 prizepool , with an iPad added for the #1!

To participate, enter your login in the green box, in the left column of the @PartyPoker.com .

If you don’t have an account on @PartyPoker.com, it’s now or never!

To subscribe, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

We will then send you the code to register in the tournaments. If you do not see the box, it means you’ve already given us your login. No worries, we will send you the code.

(They will be sent to you all by private message on RankingHero 30 minutes before each tournament.)

Thanks,its be fun

I have not gaven you my login and I cannot connect muy PartyPoker account.

My nick is burritoanza


login on partypoker: fortopyan


Thanks four your messages @diegomartin @fortopyan @Teodorescu Dumitru !

To participate in the first freeroll tonigh and receive the password, please enter your login in the green box, in the left column of the partypoker page: http://www.rankinghero.com/partypoker.com


Enter your Partypoker login in the green box on the left of this page : http://www.rankinghero.com/partypoker.com

and we will send you the password 30 minutes before the tournament via private massage on RKH.

If you don't have a Partypoker account yet, click here 

Then enter your login in the green box on the left of this page

See you tonight !

nice promo !


I don´t know why but I cannot login in the green box, please help me.

My nick is burritoanza

Perhaps you can include me and send me the password.


Hi! Very interesting Promo! But I don't see any information about points to be earned...

I cannot login there, I don´t know why.

My nick is burritoanza

Perhaps you can help me and include me to send me this password.

Thanks, Diego

@diegomartin did you find the green box on the page @PartyPoker.com ?

Yes I found (is the one says "connect your partypoker account" ??), but I think something is bad with the web page

try again now

Now I tried again but when I click to enter my PartyPoker ID it only open again the same page, but I cannot enter my ID

Can you give me the password anyway? I would appreciate this. Thanks

"Hi! Very interesting Promo! But I don't see any information about points to be earned..." ?

I have thr same problem. 

diegomartin, the box is  not in the middle of the page, you'll find a same box upper on the left side at the same page, there you can type your name


Thanks, but I cannot find this

pass  please

Sorry server problems exactly when we were sending passwords... this mixed with the tournament that was scheduled 1 hour earlier than agreed... sick bad beat !

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. We will reschedule shortly this tournament and will let you know asap when it will be.

Thanks again for your understanding and your patience.

sounds good 

ibeatyou181 login in partypoker

7yea i canèt registrer my partypoker username in the green box ehtier

password fast please !.


The tournament took place, 40 players were in! We recieved the password later than expected, but the tournament had one hour of late registration, a lot of time to register for players who decided to participate! A good idea to set up another tournament, but it would be unfair for today's winners not to count first tournament!

Diemonn :) Glad that you participated and hope that you enjoyed the first tournament.

We'll prepare a small surprise for everyone subscribed in the tournament because of this technical problem yesterday and the change of the hour of the tournament. 

I'll give you more information during the day.

Hiy Guys ands Girls from RankingHero.

I was also in the tournament as JackOfClubbs. I was the bubbleboy. But there was goodies and prizes to be won in every tournament. So maybe a sad prize for the Bubbleboy that was me haha.

I was very fun, and I enjoyed the whole lenght I was in. Saw some good poker too.

Go rankinghero.com GO!


Stefan Rolf Meijer (A.K.A. JackOfClubbs)

Hey @Jackofclubbs a special prize for the bubble boy is not a bad idea ;). @Elena RKH what can we do for bubbleboys :) ?

 Tha magic patch RankingHero is coming your way @Jackofclubbs  ! :P (just send me your address in a private message :))

Here you can find a picture of the patch and one of our french members, she has just received it: Here



Thanks alot man. And it was just my birth last Monday! All to cool of a week this is.

And RankingHero.com tournaments on my favorite poker-site PartyPoker rocks even more!!

Greets and yes I agree with Adrien's idea.

Stefan Rolf Meijer

everytime i try to click ont he green box to put my username in it i click on it and it kleep just taking me to the page over n over haha vinnn_21 is my username 

Hello! I don't see any leaderboard after first tournament. I just wonder, how many points recieved players!

wasnèt it canceled

Hi diemonn,here you find leaderboardhttp://www.rankinghero.com/en/tournaments/165495/pp-cup-1.html good run

Thanks a lot eMTy!

Cheersgood to help someone,see ya in next  ppc round

We'll have a good surprise for you all next week... see you monday for some news ;)

Great news!

I love good news

I want  to win ipad))

A BONUS freeroll, this Thursday at 8pm!
Check out the RKH PartyPoker CUP calendar: http://rkh.gg/BonusFreeroll

Good news! Thanks a lot! You're the BEST!

Hey guys and girls from RankingHero.com. Sounds amazing and fair aswell!

Hope this guy don't bubble again!

Btw Elena, did you find my adress in the private message?


Stefan Rolf Meijer

@Jackofclubbs I'm afraid I didn't receive your message :( can you try to send it again ?

Hey Elena,

Send me an e-mail at: jackofclubbs@hotmail.nl. I will send you ok. I can't private message Ina or you Elena for some reason. Hugg bye sweety!:) RankingHero.com Rocks!!!!!!!! Extra tournament Thursdat 8 O'YEAH! Partypoker.

Thanks for the freeroll, where exactly I should see the box to inscribe? How I can be sure I will receive the password?




@Jackofclubbs it's done

You have to enter your login on the page: @PartyPoker.com <- just click on the tag and you'll found a box like this one:


For the private message: 30 min before the tournament tomorrow you'll receive a message in your RankingHero inbox, right there:


nickname partypoker : pazosvk2

thx 4 add :D

 @pazo Thank you your login is in our database, you'll receive the password tonight at 7:30 (GMT) in your RankingHero Inbox.

Here come another great day-day for RKH PARTYPOKER CUP

 to you eMTy !

Thank you Elena

Thank you Elena, I don´t see this green box, then I suppose I am in

Yes Diego ! You are IN :) good luck !

The password was sent ! Good luck everyone !

Thanks! See you at the final table

I´ll be there, remember :D Thanks Elena

GL Everone, I'm playing as Mr_Cash_Cow, anyone at my table? I'm from my phone so if you want to chat you have to do it here :)

login on partypoker:madevgenii

@Евгений Зябкин 
Hello Евгений ;) don't forget to enter your login to the green box on the page: @PartyPoker.com 

It seems to have

Tonight is the 2nd round, hope to see you all at 8pm!

what time in CET is this tournament today?

15 EDT

utilizator party poker: stieglitz9

@stieglitz9 don't forget to enter your nickname in the green box on @PartyPoker.com 

add me pls :D thx   nickname : pazosvk2

Done elena

how to activated my account to play this tournament - where to write down this code?

@kiiid when you register on PartyPoker you can enter this code. 

After that you have to wnter your login in the green box on the page @PartyPoker.com 

thx @Elena RKH ... now its ok :D

@Gh0sT  ?

I didn`t get the password from you Elena. i entered the nickname


 Check your inbox :)

Thx :*

where to enter this code? any sugestions? (I'M ON PARTY POKER program)  found the tournament>save>they ask me to activate account or put money into my account

Yes and after that they'll ask you a bonus code ;)

To activate account means to make the first deposit.

ElenaRKH 2 min left


I don't know your login Kiiid

kiid you have any deposits at partypoker?

@kiiid sent

i'm going repeat Gh0sT words -

to activate account you have to first make deposit or what?

Yes you have, and whit the code you'll double it.

To can play at partypoker need to have at least 1 deposit.

it would be pleasure to play with all poker party and ranking hero players in one tournament but the rules are not clear.. i hope that Elena RKH is going to tell me and another players how to get throw the next tournament :) 

@Gh0sT thanks! :)))

For what ?:)

Explaining rules to our new member kiiid :)

No problem, is a pleasure to help somebody who doesn`t know some things.

 indeed! :))) 

grrrrrr, i was wainting for it few days, but for next tournament i'll be ready ;) get lucky playerz! :D

@kiiid send me your questions I'll be glad to help you :) and to see you in the next tournament

password please 100$

nickname: tudor199344

password please 100$

nickname: simak777

Hello, not sure why my ID is not showing as the last winner ???

Tonight is the 3rd  PARTYPOKER tournament of the CUP RKH. At 8 pm come and play 

Should be good to see who plays with one € good luck all

i will play

its now 8pm and still have not received password

You just entered your login DucatiPhil ;) and the password is sent

Due to a technical problem the today's Freeroll it's canceled. 
The new date will be anounced soon!
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. 

hello or password is given in the mail or elsewhere ?? And that is password will be ??

The password will be sent in your RankingHero inbox at 7:30

Getting Ready to Rumble

ok thank's, nice info ;))


Last tournament tonight !

 Thank you for participating in the PartyPoker Cup! Will announce the results and the final leaderboard Monday!

We are sorry for the delay !

Stay tuned!